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6 Weeks "Tune-Up to PHIITness" Wellness Program

6 Weeks "Tune-Up to PHIITness" Wellness Program

$249.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price

Program includes:
Complete Nutrition Plan and Coaching

6 weeks unlimited HIIT training classes led by Pro Certified Trainers

Measured progress via "InBody" Scans with the 'Clinically Proven for Accuracy' InBody Scale and Scanner.  Scans include detailed printouts of your unique body makeup including percent and pounds of body fat, percent and pounds of lean muscle mass, percent and pounds of total body water weight, total pounds body weight, BMI, base Calorie burn rate, specifics on weight and % strength for trunk and appendages, individually. Results also include the recommended body weight and muscle gain or loss necessary to achieve the ideal range for client's specific body type.   


This program is being offered with clinical results, at an incredible value priced hundreds below similar programs offered at other establishments.

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  • Instructions:

    Registration paperwork, and payment are completed and submitted online via this website (www.powerhiitfitness.com).  You will find the registration form via the drop down menu under your personal log-in bar. 

    Send Message via Chat on this website to schedule your program start date or to schedule a FREE pre-registration consult to get better acquainted with  this program and how it can benefit you.  Any additional questions are always welcome.  We at Power HIIT Fitness hope to empower you and guide you along your journey in achieving your PHIITness goals in a safe, wonderfully supportive environment in which you will be sure to make  many new friends  

    Be assured this is not a gimmick nor is their a hidden agenda.  :)  Looking forward to working with you soon