6 Weeks 20 LB or 5% Body Fat Loss Challenge


20 Lbs or 5% Body Fat Loss Challenge includes:
6 weeks unlimited HIIT training classes led by Pro Certified Trainers
Complete Nutrition Plan and Coaching
Official  Weight Loss or Fat Loss Monitoring throughout the 6 weeks.
3 "InBody" Body Scans including detailed printouts of your unique body makeup.
$230.00 refund upon successful completion of fat loss or weight loss goal and all challenge requirements* making your total out of pocket only $115.00.

  • To Consider

    Challenges are exactly what they are titled...a Challenge! A PHF weight loss challenge is very achievable with dedicated attention, determination, and work.  (I know from having personally achieved the goals of a 6 week challenge)  Please consider your level of desire in wanting a serious change for the better in your physical well being, strength, and body weight measurements. You must be committed to following all aspects of the challenge, including the nutrition plan, in order to succeed in any weight challenge.  If you feel the passion and drive for change, then this challenge is for you. 

  • Challenge Agreement Forms, Nutrition Plans, etc.

    Challenge Agreement forms and Challenge Packets will be available at Weigh-in Appointment (TBD) after completing online registration.

    Send Message via Chat on this website for any additional questions or concerns.

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