As Rafiki Would Say.... "IT IS TIME!"

The New "PHIIT KIDS" Group Fitness Program at Power HIIT Fitness is one of a kind and has arrived just in time. After a paralyzing and virtually sedentary spring, our younger generation is in need of a major jumpstart to get them out and active again.

PHIIT KIDS launches this Saturday, June 6 at 9:30am with a FREE Class for teens ages 12-18. Register by emailing the images or screenshots of your completed waiver forms to . Waivers are available on the PHIIT KIDS page of the website. and will need to be filled out and signed by your parent or guardian.

​"PHIIT KIDS" offers fun group training and conditioning sessions that’s focus is on improving overall youth fitness along with achieving increased endurance, higher performance, super explosive movement, and increased flexibility that will raise kids to the top of their game. No matter the sport or activity one may or may not be involved in, physical exercise is a necessary requirement to excel and become the best version of one's self.

Creating and Maintaining habits of regular Cardio and Fitness exercise while young, will encourage a lifetime of physical wellness and enhance a sense of Positive well-being.

The "PHIIT KIDS" Class Trainers, Ethan and Kristine, are Seasoned College Athletes having played Football and Soccer, respectively on their College's Teams.

Both are Professional Certified Trainers with years of experience in group and personal training for all types of athletes.

Their classes will condition the body and increase one's overall performance in agility, speed, flexibility, strength, lean muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance.

The Spring of 2020 has brought surprising changes and disruptions to everyone's life with the seemingly, ever present Covid 19 virus. The effects on the emotional, mental, and physical well being of everyone have been observed and felt. "It is time" to get the kids off their phones and video games and out of their dark caves they call "bedrooms". With the lack of spring and summer sports, and general outdoor activities that help keep our youth moving and physically fit, PHF offers the perfect solution at the perfect time with "PHIIT KIDS" Group Fitness training! It is definitely time!