Power HIIT Fitness Punch Passes



Power HIIT Fitness is super excited to introduce its first ever punch pass.  There have been many requests for a service offering such as this.  

PHF is offering 2 kinds of passes for this special limited sale:


PHF General Punch Pass:  $59.99


Purpose is to accommodate clients who are unable to attend PHF on a regular basis, or are wanting to supplement their own personal fitness programs with additional classes at PHF.


Each Pass allows for 8 single class visits (1 punch per person).

Passes expire within 60 Days of online order date.*


**If you are living out of the area and are purchasing a General Punch Pass for someone else.  Shipping arrangements for passes will be available at no extra charge.  (Leave message via website)




PHF “Bring a Buddy” Punch Pass: $49.99


Available to those with Current PHF Memberships.


members may use punch passes to bring a friend, family member, or anyone who is not a current membership holder at PHF. 


The PHF member must attend the same class session as their guest.


Each Pass allows for 8 single class visits (1 punch per person).

"Bring a Buddy" Passes expire 70 Days after online order date.*



PHF Punch Pass General Rules and Conditions. 

Please read carefully:


All Passes are available for online purchase only.

Please Note:  Multiple Passes purchased in one order will all have the same Expiration Date.


Bring printed paid invoice into Power HIIT Fitness* to receive your registered Punch Cards.


Unused punches on an expired punch card do not hold any cash value and are no longer valid. 


Lost punch cards cannot be replaced nor refunded in any way.


Partially used passes are not eligible for partial refunds.

PHF retains the rights to alter, change, or discontinue any or all of the Punch Pass program.

PHF also reserves the right to render punch passes invalid due to misuse or misconduct.

*(Please see website for Pass pick up times)

Order your passes below.