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Couples Fitness

Meet with some of the industries best coaches 1 on 1 to learn how to maximize your form and safety while lifting. 

Ever wonder how to safely strength train? We'll go through a movement assessment and teach you how from the ground up.

Why start with Movement screening?

Most of us have limited flexibility or unique anatomy that makes lifting safely hard to do. By starting with how you move. We can effectively identify stretches and mobility exercises to have you feeling your best!

What Strength Exercises will we go over? 

This can vary depending on your level of experience or goals. Typically we train the back squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, pulls ups, and barbell hip extensions. These are some of the most effective exercises to building lean muscle or scorch some serious calories. 

Session Break Down

1st Session

2nd session

3rd session

4th session

Movement screening.

Squat and over head press

Deadlift and bench press

Pull-ups and Barbell Hip Extensions

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