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PHF is Running full steam ahead....Come visit us at our new location in orem.

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"2021 Tune Up"


6 Weeks Wellness Tune up to achieve your PHIIT Goals.

At Power HIIT Fitness 


you will receive A complete Program packet and specialized Nutrition Plan with thorough explanations of each. Progress will be measured via several full body scans on an inbody Scanner and personal check-in/coaching appointments with Program Coordinator.

This Program will be designed for your needs specifically and will teach you how to sustain a healthy "PHIIT" You, for life. 



 Nutrition Plan and coaching

"InBody" Weigh-in/Body Scans

Unlimited Class Training Sessions

Professional Trainers 

On going Q & A with Trainers and Program Coordinator



Power HIIT Fitness

1060 N 1430 W

Orem, UT 84057

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Classes are happening daily.

Power HIIT Fitness.  


We are so excited to get "PHIIT" with everyone in 2021! 












A Reservation system is in place  Be sure to reserve your class spot in advance

(Up to 7 days).

Class sizes are limited.




As in any public situation,  if you feel at risk in case of an accidental infringement in safe distancing efforts, please wear a mask for your added protection.


Reservations for classes are required via mobile app:


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Free Class Reservations are required  to attend classes at PHF

via mobile app:




"Drop In" per class  $10  

6 Month Unlimited Membership (Autopay)   $80/Month

Month to Month Unlimited Membership (Autopay) $90 

 Buddy Plan Unlimited Visits $70/Month for each person**

**Limit of 2 people, of which, one must be a new client.  Each Buddy will be charged $70.00 per month for 6 months as long as both remain members.

Student Pricing $50/Month* Unlimited

*With current student ID (Undergraduate)


Family Discount Plans***

(Unlimited Visits)


Family Option #1: 6 Month Membership- Monthly Auto Pay (6 MAP)

6 Month Membership Contract - Auto Charged in 6 monthly installments.

1st        Adult $80

2nd      Adult $40

Each    Child $35  

Family Option #2:  Month To Month Membership (MTM)

Monthly Membership Contract - Auto Charged Monthly (until canceled).

1st         Adult  $90

2nd       Adult  $50

Each     Child  $45

***Family Discount Details:

  • Includes up to 2 adults plus children under age 18 who reside in same household.

  • Adults are allowed unlimited classes as posted on PHF regular class schedule.

  • Children under the age of 13 are allowed to attend unlimited classes posted as “Kid Friendly” (as needed) on PHF regular class schedule.

  • PHF Staff reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any member, especially that of children. PHF puts the safety of its members first. Membership may be denied or terminated at any time if one’s actions promote adverse or unsafe conditions for themselves or others. 

  • Children are expected to be well behaved, non-disruptive, and follow the workout shown them by Class Trainers. 

  • Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the gym unless they are a member participating in the current class session.

Member Reviews

I love this gym. I participated in the six week program with my wife. We couldn’t be happier with the trainers and the support we received. We will continue to attend this excellent gym.

Curtis Rae

December, 2020

Absolutely love this gym! There is a great mix of trainers who are fun, knowledgable, and very welcoming. It feels like I have a personal trainer. The workouts are always fresh and I learn new exercises almost every time I go. I've seen and feel a difference in my overall health since going there.
Kim Hughes
September, 2020
The workout I’ve been searching for! The instructors are great at offering tips and guidance when you need it, while still giving you the independence to complete the workout. The routines are well thought out and will keep you sweating *safely* every day. The cost is also great and affordable.
Mattie Knebel
August, 2020
I love working out here! Every time I go, I know I'm going to get a good workout and get good support from the trainers.
Michelle Egan
March, 2020
Power HIIT is awesome! Ethan, Eliza, and Kristine are fantastic trainers who help you achieve your goals. Every time I attend a class I am working a different muscle group and it keeps my body guessing. They all are intense trainers who keep you moving and progressing. The people are so motivating and I love the group fitness feel. I recommend this gym to everyone!
Carrie Valadez
January, 2020
I’m not one who usually likes working out in a gym- but I Love this gym!! It is such a fun and killer workout! Such a relaxed and comfortable environment - which is hard to find in a gym! The teachers help support you, cheer you on, but let you go at your pace!! Everyone here is just so nice and inviting!
Sarah Joseph
November, 2019

I love this gym. From the bottom of my heart it has changed my life, and my family’s life. I am a better mother, wife, friend, and person because of this gym. It’s a place I am able to go and just lose myself in the work. The trainers are AMAZING. Eliza, Rachel, and Cassie are my idols. They plan HARD sessions, but make it attainable for all!! The people here are beyond awesome. The first class I ever went to they all made me feel like a part of the “team” right away. I absolutely will continue to go to this gym as long as it stands!! AND NOW my husband comes with me, so it makes it an even better workout! I love that they offer a free first class to new comers, I get to bring friends and get the party on with them. I love this gym! Thank you to everyone who keeps this place at its best!!!

Kylie Peart

October, 2019

Best decision I’ve made for my health - mental and physical. I’ve finally found a fitness program that works. The trainers are amazing! Great equipment. The workouts can be modified to meet any fitness level. I’ve never worked so hard and been so strong. It’s been a life changer!

Deborah Judson

September, 2019


I love this gym! So much fun and such a great work out! Close by, convenient and the trainers are awesome!

Leslie Doxey

September, 2019

I started the challenge on September 3rd and I have lost 5 pounds :) You can do it!

Jeannette German

September 9, 2019

I love Power HIIT Fitness. The workouts are good for the whole body. They are intense for an hour which is a good use of time.  

Cosette Young

September, 2019

     I’ve struggled for a long time to find the motivation I needed to start losing weight. For years my pattern has been: lose a pound, gain two pounds. I know how to lose weight, it’s doing it that’s the hard part. I heard about Power HIIT Fitness a year ago, and I knew I could lose weight by doing their challenge. Still, I dragged my feet until I started to notice my health go downhill.

     I decided to jump into a challenge and it was one of the best decisions I've made. At the beginning it was SO hard, but everyone kept reassuring me that things would get easier if I would stick with it. Much sooner than I thought, things started to change, my body reached positively, and I wasn't as sore anymore. I figured out some great food combinations using the meal plan, and the weight started to fall off.

     I ended up losing 21 lbs, and never could have done it without the help and of the amazing trainers, and Deborah  the owner. The best thing about PHF is that everybody there is either going through what you're going through, or has been there. It's not like the big box gyms where everyone is just a number, and they hope you don't show up. At PHF they want you there, and they do all they can to help you succeed.

Justin Moss

March, 2019


I have always hated working out but forced myself to do it. Gyms always intimidated me so when my friend offered to pick me up and take me to Power HIIT with her I agreed. It's definitely a workout but the difference between this gym and other gyms is everyone's working at their own level during the workout and trainers are right there encouraging and modifying the workout to meet your needs. I love that I am getting stronger and I actually look forward to my workouts now.

 Brenda McIntosh

October 2018

I did the Rock Hard Weight Loss Challenge, and it changed my life! My weight has been a roller coaster all my adult life. In order to lose weight I have always cut tons of calories and worked out, but in short it’s never been sustainable. The meal plan here in combination with the workouts was so great! I formed healthy eating habits while getting my body into tiptop shape, and by the end was down two full pants sizes! The trainers are super knowledgeable and no two workouts are the same which keeps things fresh and enjoyable. Love this place!

Daniel Hinkson

October 2018

I love going there to do the workouts;  small class sizes, everyone works at their own level, and the feeling of support from the Awesome trainers. I completed the challenge of losing 20 pounds in 8 weeks and that feels great! When I was feeling discouraged, the trainers would encourage me to keep going! I was given ideas for meals and what protein shakes were the best fit. I feel stronger!

Nicole Khountham

September 2018

I've been going there since it opened. The trainers Rachel and Ethan are amazing, They really push and challenge you to be the best. I like the variety of their workouts. If you are looking to change your life Power HIIt is the place to go, #PowerFam

Noemi Pineda

September 2018

Awesome place, very supportive, I love that they cater to your exercise level, and it feels like family there!

Ket  Khountham

July 2018

Love this place and everyone that is a part of it have done the transformation themselves. Can’t say enough great things about these people.

Cliff Limary

July 2018​

I love the group training here and the trainers! They are amazing. Best workout I have ever had!


Julia Dougherty

June 2018

This is my favorite gym ever! The trainers are great working with you for any workout modifications you may need. The workouts vary daily so you don’t get bored with mundane routines. The people are so friendly. It’s a great atmosphere where everyone wants to see you hit your goals. Love my Power HIIT fam! 💪🏻

 Samantha Bryson

June 2018

This gym is great. You basically are getting a personal trainer 6 days a week for a price that can’t be beat. It’s fun and no one judges, we all encourage each other. Our trainers are spot on and the owners are all about the client! You’ll gain strength and lose weight. I can lift my 12 year old and carry my 8 year old when he’s in a dead sleep.

Kat McGinness

June 2018

I love the atmosphere here. Positive and fun environment.

Kristie Zierse

May 2018

Love the atmosphere and trainers who know me and push me. The people I work out with have become a part of my team as well.

Alene Weakley

May 2018

I love my trainers! They know us all by name. They push me to be stronger & believe in myself. This is such a great place to begin my day!

Dena Jones

May 2018

Having a martial arts and military background, I've missed being in an organized and motivating environment... And I found it again. From the owners, trainers and to the trainees, it feels like a second home for me. Everyday I leave this place, I feel stronger and more awesome inside out ♡


April 2018





HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a fitness exercise program designed to increase strength while improving cardio and burning calories. Classes are similar to boot camp style workouts and are conducted in circuits.

At Power HIIT Fitness the Professional Certified trainers, assist everyone in improving their fitness level, whether you are a beginner or a fitness junkie.  The trainers plan classes that are fun and challenging for all and make a point to encourage members. 

The group circuit training format allows members to interact with each other; during workouts clients often support each other and cheer each other on, making it a non judgmental atmosphere.


In order to exercise every part of the body, classes rotate daily between lower body, upper body, and cardio/full body with a focus on toning core muscles throughout the week. Classes are held every day except Sunday.


Private training sessions are available for those who may desire a one-on-one training (drop-down menu under "Trainers").


PHF offers a 6 Weeks PHIIT and Wellness Program or "Tune-Up" on an individual basis.  It is goal driven and monitored with clinical results via InBody Full Body Scanner.  Nutrition and training regimen included as well as one on one consults.

PHF is home to the "PHIIT KIDS"©  Group Fitness Program, which offers custom designed fitness and conditioning classes for kids.